Cleaning service so thorough, you’ll enjoy the “new home” look and smell all over again — or your money back

How? 5 star, hotel level cleaning service from trained cleaners. We follow a strict 162 point checklist to hit every last spot.

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A Wichita, Kansas Cleaning Service

Customers Speak Out

Brian recalls his first service with us
“They really do hit every last spot. I like coming into my home and having it look perfect, like spotlessly clean. It’s like renting a hotel room without paying anything extra”
Jessie Hudson
“Great job with online booking. Maid service is about convenience and you guys take that all the way to the ordering process!”
Carl Haynesworth
“Very reliable cleaners, they come every week on time and spruce up my house. Very affordable and a weight off the shoulders, now that I have one less thing to worry about”
Marina Tehani
“My friend referred me to these maids and I’m happy he did. They are a pleasure to work with, always so friendly and quiet in the background as they do their thing and leave my home looking ready for an event (but no, it’s just me most weeks. I’ll enjoy the clean by myself).”
Pham Plauna
“Finally the dog’s smell is out of my living room! Horrayy for that. Thank you guys for doing an excellent job.”
Brandon Severson
“My maid who came, Janet, was so friendly! I probably asked more cleaning questions than I should have while watching TV lazily… as she made my whole house nice and tidy. But we got along really well and talked for an hour at least as she went through the motions. By the end of it I gave her a tip and she was surprised but thankful.”
Angelica Munoz
“We hired Every Last Spot Cleaning Service to manage our office cleanings. Their regular service is what we wanted and expected. Cubicles ae tidied up, office floors and spaces are left professionally spotless, and the kitchen area gets a deep, thorough scrub every day. They are good cleaners and we recommend them”
Joseph Yarborough, Remax Realty
“Hired another cleaning service and immediately started feeling a bit lightheaded. I stopped using those guys and went back to cleaning on my own and the headaches went away. Then I decided to try another cleaning company because I have no time to clean everything by myself.

I hired [Every Last Spot] and they came out and did a stellar job. I asked them about the headaches and what may have caused them before with the other company. They said it could be fumes from their cleaning companies products. I had no issues at all with the cleaners this company used and will absolutely use them again and again.”

Bethany Anderson
“Good service, kitchen counter wiped down, oven degreased. I actually enjoy the smell of my bathroom again. Professional attitude throughout.”
Brian Vichesky
“Do you wish you could just kick off your shoes and walk into a house that’s perfectly made for you? That’s about what I was hoping for, I really want one job, not a second one when I finally get home from work. So I hired Every Last Spot maid service and they took much of the housework off my shoulders. Everything they trained their dusters on regained a newish look with a pleasant smell. All in all a great cleaner who prides their work”
William McTaffney
“I have lived in three different apartments and continue to call these maids no matter where I go! At first I hired them for a move out cleaning,. It was done a lot faster than I could’ve done it by myself, since they have a crew of two cleaners. For the money, you’re saving yourself a lot of headache and hassle and getting a nice clean home on fast forward, with no work. I’m on repeat monthly service and my place looks livable again!”
Denise W

Have a young child, dog or cat? They’ll appreciate our safe cleaning agents

No harsh chemicals here! All of our cleaning agents are proven safe for young children and animals (as well as adults).

Maids in Wichita Kansas

Most cleaners kick up environmental toxins. Here’s why ours stop the spread of harmful chemical fumes

wichita safe cleaning agents

Did you know that federal law only requires putting a small “warning” label on the outside of any cleaning agent with hazardous materials?

This is why some companies get away with using low-quality cleaning agents with fume-producing petrochemical solvents. Some of these ingredients include chlorinated phenols, diethylene glycol, and even formaldehyde.

It’s estimated that the average household contains between 3 to 25 gallons of toxic materials, coming mainly from cleaning agents.

High-quality cleaning supplies will have the words “non-toxic” and “biodegradable” on their outside label. We spend the extra dollars for high-quality cleaning agents because people spend a lot of time in their homes and it’s well worth it!

Deep cleaning service: Serving Wichita

Checklists ensure a consistent clean. That’s why our teams follow them to a T

If your cleaner isn’t following a checklist, he or she is missing spaces without even realizing it. It’s just human nature.

162. That’s the amount of tough spots and hidden areas detailed in our cleaning checklists, which we follow for every house we clean. It’s why we hit Every Last Spot – where others forget.

House and apartment cleaning in Wichita

It’s your home, so we work around YOUR schedule

At some point you may have worked with a cleaning service that wasn’t too kind to a schedule change.

Things come up. Our service is built around that fact. Rescheduling is quick and convenient with our “built around you” scheduling process.

Home Rested Kansas Neighborhood

Do you have special needs or special instructions? Note them during your next booking

We’ll make accommodations wherever we can. It’s quite common for us to serve the elderly, people who need some rearrangements, and other similar tasks.

If we can’t handle it, we’ll certainly let you know before the cleaning starts. But most of the time, we can!

Commercial office building cleaning in Wichita

Would your maid pass the “unsupervised valuables” test?

Who wants to lock up valuables before a cleaning?

ELS Cleaning Service ensures the protection of your valuables in four ways. Friends and family members of our cleaners are preferred as a new team members, who are then trained on the ethics of home care. Before they’re hired, cleaners are also given a background check and informed they will be cleaning “mystery shopper” houses on occasion.

We don’t spare expenses when it comes to ensuring quality cleaning from trustworthy cleaners.

Areas Served

We serve the entire Wichita, Kansas metropolitan area, including Butler, Harvey, Sedgwick, and Sumner counties.

Some of the cities we serve in this area include MacDonald, Eastborough, Bel Aire, Park City, Kechi, Haysville, Maize, Valley Center, Derby, Andover, Colwich, Goddard, Rose Hill, and Benton.

Cleaning Service Wichita Area

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