Maid Service Wichita KS

Our Maid service Wichita, KS aims to make you the king or queen of your home again. Let us keep it up while you enjoy it.

We can work while you’re away from the house. Or if you prefer, they can work while you’re there. Screenings include a full background check to ensure the trustworthiness of every professional house cleaner that cares for your home.

Do you prefer to have a cleaner present when you’re home? Be assured that they will make the minimum amount of noise while still giving you a full, quality cleaning. We joke that our cleaners are like ghosts with a squeegee. There’s truth to it, since some of them have worked during major events where being out of the spotlight is quite an important trait.

And if it’s important for the local football game, it should be important for you too. When you’re with your husband or wife, son or daughter, looking to enjoy a living room get together. Quiet time is very valuable, and we get that.

You know what else we really understand? The fact that your home shouldn’t resemble a toxic waste dump. With Eco-friendly, green cleaning products, your house is cleaned with products that come from mother nature herself and leave a pleasant smell afterwards.

maid service wichita ks

Choosing a maid that uses quality cleaners is important:

  • Statistically there are 3 to 5 gallons worth of toxic fumes in almost every home as a result of poor quality chemical cleaning agents.

Sure, they save cleaning crew a nickel here or a dime there. But cheap products put your family’s health risk.

Every Last Spot Cleaning Service guarantees that any cleaning agents you use with us never have that issue. That’s why we believe we’re the best maids in Wichita!

Call us today to schedule your first cleaning. appointments are extremely flexible and can be edited or rescheduled on demand. Payments are taken by credit card for your convenience.