Deep Cleaning Wichita KS

Deep Cleaning at Every Last Spot Cleaning Services we know that whether you have lived in your place for a while, recently moved in or are moving out, sometimes your home can need a really good cleaning. One which goes deeper than the weekly clean and reaches areas not covered on a regular basis. For these times we can offer Deep Clean Wichita, KS service.

With a deep clean you can really reach the dirt and grime that sits deep within your home. Every Last Spot can come into your home and clean these areas for you. We focus on cleaning;

  • Behind kitchen appliances such as the fridge, oven and washing machine and cleaning away the grime that can build up in these spots.
  • Under the sink in the bathroom and the kitchen. Cleaning products left in these areas can spill causing stains to develop, we can tackle these and wash them away.
  • Inside the oven – including the oven door
  • All window frames and patio doors – both inside and outside.
  • Washing all blinds
  • Deep dusting, which can tackle any cobwebs that are tricky to get to.
  • Scale removal from bathroom and kitchen tiles.
Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Big Task

Which require a lot of diligence and a long amount of time to complete to a high standard. They will leave your home spotless and feeling great. Of course, there are not many people who have the time to carry out such a deep clean and that is where Every Little Spot comes to the rescue.

Our professional cleaners are capable of carrying out these deep cleans in an efficient manner with as little disruption to you as possible, with their speed and expertise they can be in and out in no time, leaving your home looking as good as new for a great, affordable cost.

Servicing Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas we have a thorough and professional service that leaves no corner untouched and leaves your home looking great;

  • We use a 162-point checklist that covers every last spot. Our comprehensive checklist ensures that nothing is missed in the cleaning of your home, including appliances and hard to reach areas.
  • Our highly trained cleaners deliver 5-star hotel level cleaning for every house and apartment that they clean.
  • We use all natural cleaners which are child and pet friendly. Unlike standard cleaners which emit fumes in your home which you cannot see, the cleaners we use do not emit any harmful fumes.

Whatever your needs, Every Last Spot Cleaners can provide a comprehensive service at an affordable price that you know you can trust.