Annual private scholarship program for upcoming management leaders

Strong community businesses are founded on talented leaders. As a serial entrepreneur and bachelor degree holder in business finance, company owner Sean Desilva is proud to help the next generation fund their educational goals.

The ELS annual scholarship award will be given to one talented and hard-working individual pursuing a path in company operations and management for the betterment of his or her local community.

Scholarship amount

$750, to be awarded to a winner based on merit.


Please submit your application and essay by December 31, 2016. late entries will not be accepted for the 2016 scholarship award.

Eligibility requirements

Must currently be attending school as a high school senior or college student, with plans to pursue a job relating to operations management or directorship.

Application process

Applicants are to write a 3,000 word (or more) essay on the following topics

Share your experience helping your community grow economically, socially, culturally, or by any other means of development you were involved with in the past.
How do you plan to improve your local community once you graduate? How will your higher education aid you in this pursuit?

Application form

Please have your essay ready prior to completing this form