The Choice to Change $1,000 Scholarship for Convicted Drunk Drivers

Young people often make snap decisions that affect the rest of their lives, often unknowingly. Nowhere is this
more obvious than the decision to take the wheel after having one too many sips of an alcoholic beverage.

Sean Desilva, owner of Every Last Spot Cleaning Service, knows all too well the consequences of such actions. As a former member of a fraternity in the California State University system, Sean has witnessed a fellow fraternity brother get into an accident that changes his life forever, as well as the life of the victim innocently walking alongside the road.

A life was lost that day, and a family will never gain back their son. Drunk driving may seem innocent at the time, but it truly is a potentially lethal decision.

The Choice to Change Scholarship cannot fix bad decisions of the past. Instead, this annual $1,000 scholarship seeks to positively influence those who make the decision to take responsibility for their lives and seek a better path to a drug fee life on course towards a college degree.

To Qualify for the Choice to Change Scholarship

If you are a convicted drunk driver currently attending a public or private college, you are eligible to apply. You must also be committed to a sober life during your time in college and beyond, reflecting your choice to change.

To Apply

Write a 2,000 word essay describing your incident involving drunk driving.

  • Explain what was going on inside as you took the decision to take the wheel after drinking.
  • Detail how you felt after the incident.
  • Identify what compelled you to make the decision to turn around and act more responsibly in the future.

Submissions will be graded on honesty, truthfulness, conviction, and potential lessons to be learned by others.

Notice of Disclosurecar-damaged-by-drunk-driver

Please note that your story will be used help youths from high-risk environments to understand the dangers of drunk driving, illustrating both the negatives of the decision to drink and drive, and the positives of maintaining a drug-free life.