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House Cleaning Services

Looking for the best house cleaning services around you? You are just at the right place. No! No! We are not promoting our cleaning business or are some cleaning company. We are here to offer you valuable insights into the best cleaning services in your area. You can choose the services as per your requirements. Go through our article and pick the right service. 

Why Use House Cleaning Services?

Why Use House Cleaning Services?

Cleaning and sanitizing are two easy words but not easy to do. Working in and out of your house or business becomes way hectic for you. Now we assign you the cleaning stuff too. My Friend! Now you have a lot to do. So, that’s why we advise you to let the cleaning services help you and make your place clean and hygienic.   

Top 8 House Cleaning Services

 Here we will not provide you with the top 8 cleaning services in your area. Choose as per your basic requirements.  

Overall Best: Tidy

Tidy Cleaning Services

Tidy is the best considering overall cleaning services. You just need to create a to-do checklist for their cleaners, or you can even pick an earlier made list. Then, select the number of hours (4 hours with just a single cleaner is considered the best, whereas 4 hours with two cleaners is considered the deepest cleaning service available at the cheapest rates), and after all these selections, they will get to further work.

Just select the date and time for the first cleaning appointment, and fill a form where you need to answer a few questions, like how many rooms are there & how to reach your place. etc. Tidy will self-estimate the working hours needed to clean your place, and they will give you each and every detail before starting the service.

Tidy is present in most of the major cities around the United States and also gives further service to Airbnbs. This company is quite easy to schedule, & you can do it with just a few clicks. Lastly, if there is a slight change in your plan, you can even cancel it anytime. 

As their app and site are very useful, users have put up complaints about bad customer assistance provided by Tidy. Their prices vary as per the location of the professional commercial cleaning services provided. 

Best Efficiency: The Maids

The Maids

The most efficient and effective cleaning service around is The Maids. This company is very well organized. Every group of cleaners coming to your place has a team leader who is the supervisor of the group.

During the cleaning, a field manager will always be available to regularly inspect the cleaning services & make sure it is all good. Their service is 100% guaranteed. Moreover, most of its clients are pretty pleased with their services and output. But do keep in mind that some previous clients have put up complaints saying The Maids underestimate the cost of cleaning your place, so you must take their estimate as a lower price to what they will ask after the services.

The best option they provide is deluxe, where every room is cleaned, and even the ceiling fans, upholstery, & baseboards. If you wish to pay extra, you can try The Maids deep clean service for your windows and the interiors.

Top In Eco-Friendly: Maid Brigade

Maid BrigadeMaid Brigade works on green cleaning available around the United States. Certification from Green Seal on every product and their equipment is reported by the American Lung Association to enhance indoor air quality. They use microfiber cloths other than paper towels and some cleaning solutions.

Maid Brigade provides regular cleaning services, tidying sessions, and deep cleaning services. At an additional fee, you can also opt for deep-cleaning services. It includes polishing silver, spot cleaning the walls, tidying under area rugs, & wiping down woodwork.

Prices vary as per the location of the services.

Budget-Friendly: MaidPro


Looking in your pockets and needing to put the cleaning services under your budget, no better option than MaidPro. This company has a 49-point checklist that their employees must keep a check before moving out of their place. Moreover, all the products used are eco-friendly.

Four services are available: One-time clean, Weekly clean, Bi-weekly clean & Monthly clean. Further, their team will work under your budget & determine what’s best for you. For example, if you want a small budget deep cleaning services, but do want the kitchen and bathrooms all cleaned, then they can sort out my things to avail this to your budget. MaidPro’s employees visit in groups, and they don’t have a contract, so you can easily skip days, or cancel the services anytime you want.

If you aren’t satisfied with their services, MaidPro will clean your place again if you tell them about this within 24 hours. Prices are subject to location.

Top In Customer Service: Molly Maid

Molly Maid

Molly Maid has been a leading cleaning service company for more than 30 years. Molly Maid has all its services and offers to differ with the locations. It is a success in the market due to just one fact that it does not work on a contractual basis. The clients can stop the services whenever required and get their refunds. 

Being fully insured, they have the latest cleaning equipment & supplies. They are a company of words and as per customer reviews, users are mostly satisfied with their services & the follow-up.

Most Flexible: Merry Maids

Merry Maids

Since 1979, Merry Maids has been the go-to cleaning company for the best cleaning services in town. With every passing year, it is becoming a bigger franchise, with more than 800 corporate locations in the United States and 1,300 worldwide. At present, Merry Maids offers services to more than 12 million customers.

So how does it operate? They generally let the same person or group visit your place so they become your permanent user. You can schedule as many cleaning sessions as you need. Merry Maids carry their own products with their supplies being eco-friendly and meet the EPA guidelines.

Merry Maids charges around $100 for 2 hours and has a two-hour minimum slot selection. Many employees will provide a better deal for first-time users when you get a contract with them. You can also ask Merry Maids to focus on particular areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom, family room, etc. Moreover, you can opt for better services of deep cleaning the house. 

Best for Carpeting: USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master

USA Clean Master is basically for cleaning carpets and upholstery. Since 2003, they have worked to deep clean your area rugs, upholstery, wood floors, air ducts, etc.

To be in their favor, they will literally lie on the ground and clean the dust between the tiles. They focus on pet stains and aid in restoring your home to its best condition possible even if there has been water or fire damage.

The company is quite effective but on the other hand, users complain when it comes to pricing and putting up prior estimates to their services. Besides focusing on carpets, you can also call for the USA Clean Master to do regular cleaning work using their monthly or bi-monthly plan.

It is available around the United States & its prices are subject to the service location.

Best Deep Cleaning: The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority

The Cleaning Authority focuses on eco-friendly cleaning and only uses environmentally friendly products. The Cleaning Authority Services do a  deep clean of your rooms, kitchen, & bathrooms on rotating shifts weeks. Also, the company carries out a basic cleaning program each week. It also has a detailed checklist of what to expect on the rotating shifts. By month’s end, everything will be all clean.

It is not available around the world but is popular in the United States & Canada. Fees and charges depend on the location of the services. 

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Ending The Services!

This post serves as an informative manual for all the people stuck in between the choices to select the best house cleaning services near them. We have got together the best cleaning services depending on various factors. Choose the best services as per your requirements. 

For any further assistance and services, you can ping us anytime & we will be all ready with our services.   

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